We at Belship try to be aware of the impact our company has on nature and the environment. As such we strive to avoid the negative impact from our activities as much as possible, as well as reduce this impact wherever possible.

To accomplish this, we do not just look at our energy consumption in our warehouse and offices, we also take packaging materials and the products themselves into consideration.
We have taken down all old fluorescent lighting in the building and replaced them with sustainable LED lighting. When you visit our stand during an industry fair, we will welcome you with cardboard cups to enjoy your coffee from.

We use electronic invoices, rather than paper ones, reducing our paper consumption and carbon footprint. We purchase hardly any packing materials for or shipments, and instead use mostly recycled or recyclable materials. If we do buy packing materials, we make sure they can be reused or recycled as well. We have asked the same of our suppliers. We have also invested in machines that turns cardboard waste into useful packaging materials.

Together with our suppliers, we look for products that work and have a minimal negative impact on the environment. This through either sustainability or more efficient energy consumption.
Belship was one of the first to embrace LED technology as a lighting source for ships and boats. Another example is our energy-efficient air conditioning system. We also sell biodegradable cleaning products, made from organic ingredients, and cleaning brushes made from recycled plastic.

As a company, we will keep looking for ways that can help us practice our beloved sport in a more environmentally responsible fashion.

Team Belship